‘We have real blood at our show’ – Taco Tuesday with the Noise FM (Episode 80)

This week, it’s a “Taco Tuesday” recording at Masa Azul (2901 W Diversey Ave) with Austin and Alex from Chicago band The Noise FM. What does the band sound like? “Beat-driven indie rock: We’re not rewriting the playbook here.”

We talk about:
*How incredibly good the tacos are. Handmade tortillas? Hell yes.
*Austin and Alex did tequila shots at the bar before recording, which cost more than our meal for three
*Why they’re going into seclusion
*ICP: “They preach a message of tolerance”
*Hipster appreciation of KISS turning into appreciation-appreciation of KISS
*The high likelihood that Alex and Austin’s mom is listening
*Their podcast… the *only* podcast dedicated to the 1999 sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest
*The band’s 8th year of their “Noise for Toys” charity concert (12/1 at Lincoln Hall)
*The best BBQ in Kansas City (it’s not Arthur Bryant’s)


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