I’m in stretchy pants and a hoodie, typing this from my couch. My body is worn and my stomach stretched dangerously taut from a night at Baconfest. No regrets; these are the signs of a Baconfest well-spent.

Baconfest is easily one of the friendliest and best-run annual events in Chicago. The atmosphere is comfortable to the point where it’s totally normal chatting up strangers, restaurateurs and chefs. Bacon: It brings people together.

Baconfest has three different menus/sessions, each filled with unique creations from Chicago’s most awesome restaurants. Chefs are front-and-center, talking about their dishes as they hand over tiny plates of bacon goodness.

I went for the Saturday dinner. Here are a few of my favorites (which should provide some perspective as to why I’m on my couch right now).

Empanada with Confit Bacon and XO (Three Floyds Brewpub)
Baconfest Empanada

Rhubarb Strawberry-Meringue Pie (Franklee-Delish). I went back for seconds.
Baconfest strawberry rhubarb

Spicy Chorizo Link with Bacon and Beer Onions (Links Taproom). A-ma-zing.
Baconfest chorizo sausage

Bourbon Sweet Potato Bisque with Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash (Son of a Butcher by Whisk)
Baconfest sweet potato

American Triple “B” Burger (McQ’s Bar and Grill). Burgers made from ground beef and bacon? Yes.
Baconfest burger

Bacon Chaat (Naansense)
Baconfest Naansense

Braised Bacon Pozole Verde (Freehand Chicago)
Baconfest pozole

Chicken and Waffles (Yolk)
Baconfest chicken and waffles

So much good food. And now, I must sleep. See you at Baconfest 2018.


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