My new best friend, pro wrestler Jay Bradley (TNA, WWE, OVW, AAW, Resistance Pro, etc.) piledrives his way into the passenger seat for a great night of conversation and food (generously provided by Real Time Sports Bar at 1120 W Devon Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007).

We talked about:

  • The super rare Jay Bradley action figure, and what he’d give to acquire it
  • The Real Time Sports Bar “Mystery Bag” of delicious food, along with the full “unboxing”
  • “My whole life, I’ve waited for someone to give me a sample bucket”
  • The best cuisine? Bar food.
  • Why Jay is the “Jimmy Chamberlin of wrestling”
  • Jay’s self-imposed wrestling sabbatical
  • What brought down Resistance Pro
  • The NWA’s prestigious name and history
  • Billy Corgan’s wrestling vision: He has a 20-year plan!
  • NWA: Live events, free on the web next year!
  • “I didn’t get to be 260 pounds by accident”
  • What made Jay want to become a wrestler?
  • Jay’s early days in the business with CM Punk, training at Steel Domain
  • How Jay got picked up by WWE
  • Why Jay could never do a traditional 9-5
  • Some of Jay’s favorite people to work with in the ring
  • The art of cutting a wrestling promo, and the wisdom Jay got from Dusty Rhodes
  • Jay’s potential role on fetish sites
  • The suburb that’s like Tattooine
  • Why Billy Corgan’s rock experience perfectly translates to wrestling


Find Jay on Twitter at @jaybradleypw


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