One of Chicago’s most beloved musicians, Frank Orrall of Poi Dog Pondering, jumps in the car in advance of his solo show at City Winery (8/2/18). City Winery is always a cool place to hang out. Go see a show there (like Frank Orrall solo). Or just go for the food and wine. Just go: 1200 W Randolph.

This episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile, finds us talking about:

  • Frank’s “down” with duck tacos.
  • “We’re breaking the fish barrier tonight.”
  • City Winery to go? It’s a Frank Orrall thing.
  • I’m introduced to burrata cheese. WOW.
  • There’s nothing “rock star” about Frank (other than his rock star shirt).
  • Frank’s culinary “Chef Franc” identity, where he goes to people’s homes, cooks for them, and plays for them.
  • The time Poi Dog appeared on Letterman in the early 90s: “I was exhilarated… I was pretty reckless in those days… .”
  • Frank used to be a Pesch-catarian, only eating Joe Pesci.
  • “We don’t know what we’re eating, and we love it.”
  • Poi Dog’s declaration of independence: “Pomegranate.”
  • With as many people who’ve played in Poi Dog through the years, how can Frank know for sure that I didn’t play in the band at one point?
  • Next year’s the 30th anniversary of Poi Dog!
  • I eat gazpacho without a spoon: Sexy.
  • Are there songs Frank/Poi Dog ever get tired of playing?
  • Frank/Poi Dog’s relationship with Chicago.
  • New Poi Dog music: On the way!


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Music guests, tacos


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