Restaurant Sponsorships

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Car Con Carne restaurant sponsorships are a fun way to market your business’s nenu!

Car Con Carne records at a new restaurant each week. Here’s how it works:

  • The podcast meets that week’s guest at the featured restaurant
  • We take our food to-go
  • We eat and talk about the food as we do an interview in the car
  • In addition to the meal being discussed on the podcast episode, it’s also shared visually on the show’s weekly Facebook Live video.

The cool thing about a podcast is it’s evergreen… meaning once it’s up, it’s not going anywhere, and can always be used as a marketing tool.

Here are some of the awesome restaurants who’ve already participated in Car Con Carne (thanks to all of them, and those unintentionally omitted):

  • Kuma’s Corner
  • Manny’s
  • The Budlong
  • Honey Butter Fried Chicken
  • Chicago Diner
  • Chicago Culinary Kitchen (pictured above)
  • City Winery
  • Epic Deli
  • Kimski
  • Carnivale
  • Real Urban Barbecue
  • Superdawg
  • Byron’s
  • Haymarket
  • The Little Meatball
  • 350 Brewery
  • Borniquen
  • Burger Moovment
  • Legit Dogs
  • Bottom Lounge
  • City Barbeque
  • El Metro
  • Pauly Gee’s
  • Taco in a Bag
  • Big Guys
  • Village Inn
  • BRGR Belly
  • Club Lago
  • Pearl’s Southern Comfort
  • BBQ’d Productions
  • Halftime
  • Riverside Pizza