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August 13

The joy of ‘Fake Sex’: Chicago band Post Child

This week’s show is sponsored by the excellent people at BOOST MOBILE! Post Child (well, Bryan and Mustafa from the band) meet me at Zacatecas (5037 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60639) for pastor tacos and conversation this week. http://traffic.libsyn.com/carconcarnepodcast/Post_Child.mp3 We talk about: My history with Post Child Post Child history Cowboys and ravers: See them […]

December 06

Chicago band-to-know My Gold Mask eats Carnivale Food Truck’s menu

This week’s mouth watering food comes courtesy of the Carnivale Food Truck . With Chicago band-on-the-cusp My Gold Mask (Jack and Gretta) in the back seat, Carnivale’s Chef Rodolfo sits shotgun to talk about the food we’re eating (highlights of what we ate are at the end of this summary). http://traffic.libsyn.com/carconcarnepodcast/296618079-carconcarne-chicago-band-to-know-my-gold-mask-eats-carnivale-food-trucks-menu.mp3 DOWNLOAD Google Play Music […]

October 11

Slutter, the all-female KISS cover band, celebrates Taco Tuesday

The all-female KISS tribute band Slutter jumps in the car for Taco Tuesday at El Comalito (2234 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647). We talk about: *Slutter history *How they got on KISS’s radar (and why they’re better than the all-little-people tribute band Mini-KISS!) *What Peterless Criss and I have in common *The band’s Ankh-free […]

October 05

‘We disguise ourselves to protect the identities of our loved ones’ – Magic Sword and hot dogs

This is a weird, brief and wonderful one: I’m joined at Fatso’s Last Stand by “The Keeper” from electronic band Magic Sword. Magic Sword is a full-blown concept: The band members perform in black cloaks and masks, living out a sci-fi fantasy set to a John Carpenter-meets-Daft-Punk vibe. Things discussed with The Keeper: *Comic books *John […]