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November 26

Talking NWA and rock and roll with Sheri Shaw (with special guest Billy Corgan) at Madame Zuzu’s

I’m joined by iconic rock frontman/alternative rock figurehead Billy Corgan and musician/composer/returning guest Sheri Shaw (sstaria) for this week’s episode (sponsored by Boost Mobile). http://traffic.libsyn.com/carconcarnepodcast/Car_Con_Corgan.mp3 DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher The episode started with Sheri and me recording outside Madame Zuzu’s Tea Shop and Art Studio, the cool, vibey North Shore teahouse […]

November 08

Rock ‘N Ribs with guest host Alex Quigley

Chicago media favorite Alex Quigley (The Fox, WGN, Q101, Rivet) sits shotgun for a trip to the unfortunately-named Rock ‘N Ribs in Lake Zurich. James and Alex talk about rock music (from Foreigner to Smashing Pumpkins), childrens’ breakfast cereals, and some Chicago radio stuff. (Opening song is “Rumble” from http://www.bensound.com) http://traffic.libsyn.com/carconcarnepodcast/232077973-carconcarne-rock-n-ribs-with-guest-host-alex-quigley.mp3 DOWNLOAD Google Play Music […]